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Social media is a critically important tool for marketers and PR specialists, but it has its challenges. Companies must constantly try to get the attention of social media users — which means they have to consistently put out engaging content in hopes that it will get noticed and potentially even go viral.

But, there are some things you can do to increase your company’s reach on social media. One option is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is the partnership of your brand and a reputable social media influencer to promote the sale or awareness of your products and services. 

Who Are Social Media Influencers?

A social media influencer is usually a specialist or expert with a substantial number of followers on their social media. These influencers gain fame by sharing thought-provoking, relatable, or generally engaging content with their followers. If you find one of these influencers who curate content related to your industry, you can partner with them to attract their followers to your brand.

Influencer marketing is more subtle than paying for celebrity endorsements. The social media influencer already expresses interest and knowledge in your industry and would, therefore, be likely to use your product or service without approval. This makes an influencer endorsement more trustworthy to a potential customer. You also can target a more specific niche based on the influencer you choose.

You are connecting your brand to a likable person and someone who is considered an expert to your target customers. Instagram and YouTube have the highest number of influencers and monthly users, so partnering with a well-known influencer on these platforms is a wise choice. However, partnering with a blogger (especially someone with an eCommerce platform) can also yield positive results.

Strategies to Succeed:

To succeed with influencer marketing on social media, the first thing you must do to determine your goals. If you’re trying to collect your followers, you need to use a different strategy than promoting a particular sale. You’ll also have to encourage different types of content depending on what results you want to see. Stay accountable to your goals, and don’t be afraid to talk to your influencer partner to make adjustments as you go.

Find a blogger or Instagrammer in your industry or complementary industries. For example, if you’re trying to sell a health food product, talk to influencers in the beauty, fitness, and health industries. Your influencer doesn’t have to be in your exact industry, but their interests and your offer should be complementary. You can reach out to these influencers through their social media channels or websites.

Create content with the influencer, using their ideas and finding ways to emphasize your brand image and voice. The closer your sponsored content is to their brand image, the more likely you will convert their followers. Of course, the content should mix your brand and theirs. If the influencer is the right match for your brand, it shouldn’t be a challenge to create content reflecting your brand messages.

Offer discounts exclusive to the influencer’s audience. This is similar to an affiliate marketing program and can be used on their website. If you’re shy to use discounts as a marketing tactic for your brand as a whole, offering them as just a part of your influencer marketing campaign is a great option. Discounts have proven to increase online sales, which is precisely what you want for your influencer marketing campaign.

Feature them in your social media campaigns as well. As you’re running your influencer marketing campaign, make it known to your followers that you’re endorsed by someone else. It will make the influencer more willing to work with you in the future and boost your campaign’s effectiveness.

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