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You finally got the job! You’re about to start the career you’ve always dreamed of. So how do you make sure you succeed in your first Public Relations job?

Here are six things you’ll discover in your first PR job and how these lessons can help you for the rest of your career:

Know what’s happening. You need to be aware of any current events that might affect your clients in any way. This can be economic news, local and national politics, industry trends, etc. Understanding these events can help you give a client better advice and results.

Never miss a deadline. When you’re given an assignment and a deadline, you need to meet it. This will help you build a reputation as someone reliable. When you commit to a deadline, make sure you have enough time to do the job properly—and then manage your time accordingly.

Set your priorities and stick to them. Every client will want to be your number one focus, and every project will have a tight deadline, but you need to learn what is most important and what you can worry about later. Stay focused, and don’t get distracted.

Own up to your mistakes. Everyone makes them. The communications business can be pretty stressful, and when you’re just starting, you’re going to make errors—some of them minor and some of them significant. You shouldn’t lie, downplay, or feel embarrassed when you make them. Acknowledge what happened, and learn from it.

Know that you don’t know everything yet. Yes, you have a fresh college education in communications or marketing, but there are some things you have to learn on the job. As a newcomer, it’s okay and even expected that you make mistakes, which is why you’ll be doing a lot of grunt work in the beginning. See every assignment as an opportunity to learn.

Remember why you’re in this. There’s a reason you decided to get into the communications business. You probably enjoy being around people, working hard, and being challenged. When you start, there probably won’t be much glamor. Instead, it will be hard work and a lot of learning. During the tough times, remember why you got into the industry, to begin with.

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