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According to recent surveys, the number one skill employers look for in new employees is communication. This goes across all industries—healthcare, human resources, marketing, and public relations.

A communications degree from a highly reputable university can be a great ticket to a good-paying job in public relations.

If you are a recent college graduate with a degree in communications, these are just some of the entry-level public relations jobs you’ll be qualified to fill:

Research analyst. Whether for political organizations or private companies, public relations and marketing campaigns rely heavily on research to identify and target the appropriate audience. A research analyst gathers and organizes relevant data for the campaign managers so they can make informed decisions.

Copywriter. Copywriters are highly sought after in the PR industry. A copywriter is someone who writes professional documents and marketing materials. In public relations, copywriters often write news releases, blog posts, social media posts, and website content. You can work as a freelance copywriter or in an entry-level position at a PR firm.

Social media manager. Social media has become critical in public relations, and many companies are seeking young professionals to manage their accounts and develop strategies for social media marketing. Because the field is so new, many small companies are willing to hire entry-level employees for their social media management roles. This work also allows for flexibility and creative outlets that other entry-level jobs may not afford.

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