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Cause marketing is an incredibly powerful tool. It can not only do something positive in the community, but it can also improve your reputation, increase customer loyalty, and even drive sales. A well-executed cause marketing campaign can produce tremendous results, but choosing the wrong charity partner can mean the difference between a mutually successful campaign and a waste of time and marketing dollars.

When developing a cause marketing campaign, here’s how to pick the right charity partner:

Choose a partner that’s respected. You want to work with a charity that is well-respected in the community. Charities that have earned respect over time usually have excellent marketing and fundraising abilities, which will help you implement an effective cause marketing campaign.

Choose a partner that connects well to your brand. Choosing a charity partner that could easily be associated with your brand can also significantly help a cause marketing campaign. One example is Warby Parker’s “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” campaign. During this campaign, Warby Parker worked with a medical non-profit group that provides eyeglasses to patients in need. For each pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker covered the cost of a pair to the charity—connecting the company brand directly to the gift of sight.

Consider partnering with a small organization. Working with large non-profit organizations can be a great way to connect your company to a well-respected organization. But if you’re just one of a hundred other companies involved with that charity, you might not stand out. Consider instead a smaller charity—like a small food bank—so your company can make a big difference in a very targeted way.

Ask your employees to vote. If you have several charities you’re considering for your cause marketing campaign, consider asking your employees to choose the charity they want to support. If they are involved in the decision, they may be more involved in the cause marketing project when it launches.

If you’re interested in other tips or tools to use in your cause marketing campaigns, visit the Tucker/Hall Resource Center. For more information about comprehensive branding strategies, contact us.