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Facebook is the largest social media platform, with the best tools for communicators to target and engage their audiences. Facebook is the primary platform for social media marketing. Still, many marketing campaigns don’t produce the desired results because of the high level of competition and lack of knowledge on what makes Facebook marketing work.

If you can create better Facebook posts, you’ll be able to see an increase in engagement and conversions without spending a dollar more. Crafting the right Facebook post isn’t hard; you have to spend some time learning and refining your strategy. What works for specific platforms may not work for others, and you should understand the nuances.

It all starts with good content. Do you currently have new articles and custom photos daily that you can use on Facebook? If not, you need to start creating more content to promote on social media. Consistent content is essential, but you also need to target the correct type of content your audience wants to read. Your posts should be newsworthy or educational. If your posts are consistent and newsworthy, you can increase your reach.

When creating posts, keep statuses short. The average social media scroller has an attention span of around eight seconds, which means they won’t spend enough time on your post to read the longer text. The first sentence you write should be short, easy to read and use strong wording to convey the message. You may also want to customize the headings to catch the reader’s attention as they scroll past.

If you’re mainly sharing article posts, customize the article descriptions. Sharing content directly from your website will populate a link with a photo, heading, and description. These descriptions can be used to engage users further. Often these are auto-populated, but you can edit them to create a call to action for your link.

No matter what social channel you use, each post you create should be tailored to that platform. Many pages don’t receive enough engagement because their photos or links were made for something else and look unnatural on the forum. Facebook has specific photo dimensions you need to use and delete links in your status while keeping the article link in the post. You should follow these platform-specific tips if you want to create the best results for your social media efforts.