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When it comes to communicating effectively in today’s complex environment, you need a good communications professional by your side—whether you’re promoting new products, or mitigating a crisis situation.

A good public relations firm can handle all kinds of different situations. Below are five specialties you might not know about:

Crisis Management – Crisis management involves helping an organization or individual navigate a negative situation. A good crisis communications firm will help your organization communicate what’s happened, why, and what your company is doing about it. Each crisis is unique and calls for a unique approach. Crisis work can include analyzing your different audiences, developing strategies, creating messaging, and interacting with the media.

Community Relations – This specialty focuses on interacting with different community groups. These can be well-established groups or ad hoc organizations that are tied in at a grassroots level to the community. A good communications firm can connect with these community leaders to make sure they understand your company and its positions.

Government and Public Affairs – Public affairs specialists work with policymakers, politicians, and interest groups to advocate certain positions on behalf of a company—helping navigate the space between public and private interests. Public affairs work can mean communicating upcoming company initiatives to key lawmakers, or explaining why your company may be taking a stand on a controversial public affairs issue.

Employee Relations – Good public relations specialists can help organizations with their internal communications with employees. Employees can be your company’s best ambassadors, but employee communications can often be overlooked. An experienced communications firm can help your company improve its employee communications—during good times or in an unexpected crisis situation.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) – The digital world has made it significantly more difficult for companies to control their own image. Anyone can post online about your company, so one negative anonymous post can cause serious damage to your company’s reputation. Online reputation is crucial, and ORM experts know this and can help you manage even the trickiest of situations.

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