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It’s often been said that “any press is good press.” While that may have been true many years ago, this phrase doesn’t hold water anymore with the advent of social media and all kinds of digital platforms.

The fact is that negative information about your company can travel very quickly online and cause severe damage. While you might not prevent bad press online, below are some ways you can manage it.

Watch for it

Get them if you don’t have social media and online listening tools. This could be as simple as setting up a Google Alert for your company’s name and a few other keywords. If you’d like something more comprehensive, you can hire a communications firm to create social media dashboards that monitor conversations about your company and provide early warnings on rising issues.

Own Up to It

If your company made a mistake, own up to it. This will typically help slow down some of the negative social media chatter. Don’t take responsibility for anything that isn’t your fault, but have a tone that demonstrates the company is taking the matter seriously and working to make things right. A word of caution: Be prepared to apologize multiple times—because it might not be seen the first time, or it might not sink in.

Let Actions Talk

During any crisis management situation, you need to make sure you’re addressing the root cause of the issue. As you take action after a crisis, make sure to share what you’ve done on social media. Explain how you handled the situation and any steps you’ve taken since to ensure something similar can’t happen again. Actions can speak louder than words, but you do need to share what measures you’ve taken.

Seek Help

If you aren’t sure what to do—and the social media mob appears to be out for your company—reach out to a professional who can help you navigate the situation and protect your company’s long-term reputation.

The professionals at Tucker/Hall work in challenging crises every day and we can help you manage the online conversation.