How to Navigate Your Facebook’s Ad Manager

For many businesses – big and small – Facebook is the social media platform of choice. There are of course pros and cons to Facebook as compared to other social media platforms, but Facebook does offer great functionality through its Ad Manager. Below are some tips on how to navigate Ad Manager to achieve your social media objectives.

Basically, Facebook Ad Manager is a tool you can use on a page (different from a personal account) to create and run ads, as well as collect information about performance and audience demographics.

The interface for Facebook Ad Manager is fairly user-friendly and intuitive. To begin, simply select “create campaign” from the main screen. You will then be guided through a process to create the most effective advertisement possible. On the first screen, the program will ask you what the objective of the advertisement is. For example, you may be looking to promote an event or inform others about a sale. After you click “continue,” it will then ask for other information, including intended audience, budget, and what images and text you’d like.

On the home screen of Ad Manager, you will also be able to see statistical information about the advertisements that you’ve submitted. This information includes how many people have viewed the ad and how many people have clicked on it to go to your page or website. It will also show budgeting information about your page. Typically, Facebook will charge you based on how many times the ad is shown, so it will help you manage your budget, and keep track of how much you’ve spent.

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