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In case you’re not familiar with it, Snapchat is a social media platform that allows users to send temporary messages that are read and deleted automatically in ten seconds or less. Snapchat also allows the user to post “stories.” These stories can be seen by anyone at any time, but only once per user.

You might not think Snapchat is important in the marketing of your company, but it’s worth understanding and taking a closer look.

A World That Snaps

When Snapchat was first launched in 2012, most businesses ignored it–thinking it was something only kids and teenagers used. But today, there are nearly 160 million daily Snapchat users with more than 2.5 billion “snaps” or videos sent every day. This means the audience is there and could be receptive to a marketing message.

Custom Logo

The Snapchat “ghost” has become a well-known icon in social media, but did you know that you can customize this logo to suit your brand? Using Snapchat’s custom settings, you can set your profile to hold your company’s logo. It is an essential component of Snapchat marketing.


Another prominent and useful feature of Snapchat is the ability to use “stickers,” or small images superimposed over the picture or video you take, to make your content more interesting. If you want to get adventurous, you can even create your own stickers that both you and devoted fans can utilize. Taco Bell is a company that has used this feature to remarkable success.

Snapchat is an excellent social marketing tool that many companies, both large and small, are using in their marketing campaigns. If you need help developing your account or marketing presence, contact Tucker/Hall today.