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Businesses conduct safety audits, financial audits, and other audits every year. But has your company ever had a communications audit? These audits can provide interesting insights that can help your company improve its communications and achieve its business goals.

Here are five reasons you should conduct a communications audit with a professional.

You receive a different perspective from market assessment. A communications audit usually begins with a survey or interviews with your key audiences, including your customers. These interviews allow you to hear directly from key audience groups about what they know and believe about your company.

An audit gives you a clear, unbiased view of your company in its current state. These interviews and surveys will ask provocative questions to get honest opinions about your company. These opinions will help you understand what company messages are resonating and what the marketplace is saying about you. Any communication challenges you’ve been having should become clearer during an audit.

You can avoid future communication problems. A communications audit can act as an early-warning system for a company. If messages aren’t resonating, or if all your audiences are saying the same negative thing about you, an audit can help point this out to you. The first step to fixing any problem is awareness so you can potentially use the information gathered in an audit to stop small communication problems from getting bigger.

You can develop communications strategies to help improve your company’s brand. A brand is the experience customers have when they interact with your products and services. A communications audit will give you insights into those customer experiences, which you can then turn into communications strategies that can improve your brand.

You can identify tactics to help you communicate and listen better. There are thousands of ways to communicate with your staff and customers, but which ones work best? You may be currently using outdated or inefficient techniques and strategies, and an audit will help you analyze what is and is not working. You may need to implement new social media tactics or use a faster method for internal communications.

Tucker/Hall offers communications audits for businesses and corporations of all sizes. We conduct customer surveys, interviews with executives, managers, and lower-level employees, and thorough analysis of your company’s branded and non-branded marketing documents and materials. For more information about how communications audits can benefit your business, contact Tucker/Hall today.