5 Social Media Experts You Should Follow Online

By January 19, 2018Social Media

You can learn about the best social media practices from many sources: Colleagues, competitors, case studies, and even textbooks. But if you really want to learn about how to succeed in social media, pay attention to what these five people are up to:

Gary Vaynerchuk. Vaynerchuk is a social media professional and serial entrepreneur whose advice has helped thousands of people with their marketing strategies. His company VaynerMedia developed social media strategies for several Fortune 500 companies, and his own personal brand has more than one million followers. Vaynerchuk is also an investor and author, with four bestselling books. His social profiles share plenty of information that’s useful to developing your own strategies and finding inspiration for marketing campaigns.

Mike Stelzner. If you’re a marketer, you’ve probably heard of Social Media Examiner. The online publication is an authority for social media marketing trends, ideas, and new technologies. Stelzner, founder of the Social Media Examiner, is an excellent person to learn from because he practices exactly what he preaches online. Stelzner has his own impressive following online, not only because he founded the company, but because his social media persona is relatable and informative.

Mari Smith. Smith is a notable entrepreneur, author, and thought leader in the social media marketing world. Her books and blog are used by thousands of marketers, especially because of her in-depth understanding of Facebook marketing. She was one of Forbes’ top three social media influencer for three consecutive years, and has a bestselling book, Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day. Smith also shares free content on her website and social platforms which are very resourceful.

Seth Godin. Seth Godin is known not just for his expertise in digital marketing, but for his thoughts on leadership, personal development, and creativity. Godin has a very popular blog, which became famous for its simplicity and almost journal-like structure. However, Godin’s many books and blog are incredibly insightful, inspiring marketers and entrepreneurs at all stages of their careers.

Scott Britton. Scott Britton is a no-nonsense marketer, with a specialization in business development, email marketing, and social media. His blog and podcasts attract thousands of followers, and his content is known for being very straightforward and effective. If you want to learn solid marketing skills, Scott Britton is the person to learn from.